Eye of Judah

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.
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  • After the Storm.

    Unfortunately all I had was my iPhone to capture this unreal sky. This image was the result of an incredible storm that ripped through the little town of Oakville on the shores of Lake Ontario destroying the Midnight Madness Festival. But this is a perfect example of the sun after the rain.

    telescopical photographsonthebrain

    For more incredible photos follow www.eyeofjudah.tumblr.com

    One of the most incredible sunsets I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing while the geese lay still waiting for the right moment to fly south. The moonlight was unlike anything I had ever seen. So large for a winter solstice. All in my back yard on Lake Ontario. 

    For more amazing photos follow www.eyeofJudah.tumblr.com

    telescopical lovechangeseverythang

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